Mount Holly Cemetery Association

Only thirty years after its 1843 dedication, Mount Holly Cemetery lay in disrepair. A group of prominent Little Rock businessmen formed a cemetery association in 1877 in an effort to commit better resources to the maintenance and operation of the cemetery.  The first Mount Holly Cemetery Association cleaned up the grounds and imposed order, but its efforts were short-lived. By 1916 the cemetery was once again nearly derelict.

The iconic Broadway gates were added by the Mount Holly Cemetery Association in 1933

Several Little Rock women – including the wives of the successors to that original association – took umbrage at the state of the cemetery and demanded that the men turn it over to them. Within just a few years they had raised funds, restored the cemetery grounds, and built the large mausoleum in the northwest corner of the property.

2012 Mount Holly Cemetery Association Members – Standing, left to right: Susan Borné, Betty Terry, Sissy Clinton, Robin Orsi, Gladys Shackelford, Nancy Phillips, Carolynn Coleman, Frances Cranford, Janis Thibault, Anne Orsi. Seated (center) left to right: Mary Hodges, Marjem Gill, Tricia Cromwell, Trudie Cromwell, Sue Campbell. Seated (front) left to right: Mary Fletcher Worthen, Matilda Buchanan, Elise Sigler, Mary Sue Jacobs, Marianne Ligon, Martha Sowell.

The women’s Mount Holly Cemetery Association still operates the cemetery today, and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016.

The Association members give generously of their time, talents, and money to preserve, maintain, improve, and promote the special place that is Mount Holly Cemetery. From fundraising to arranging for major repairs, Association members make sure Mount Holly remains a showplace to make Arkansas proud.

Mount Holly sexton Steve Adams

Mount Holly’s sexton, Steve Adams, is its lifeblood. For more than twenty years he has tended every plant, cared for every monument, and overseen every interment. With the help of his landscape crew and volunteers from the Master Gardeners of Pulaski County, he maintains this oasis of history and beauty in the heart of the city and often seems to know the “residents” personally.

Current Association Members:
Susan Borné, President
Anne Orsi, Secretary
Sarah Hopkins, Treasurer
Katharine Adams, Assistant Treasurer
Kay Tatum, Archivist

Matilda Buchanan
Sissy Clinton
Carolynn Coleman
Louise Fox
Judy Goss
Sybil Jordan Hampton
Angelynn Hardcastle
Vicky Kessel
Marianne Ligon
Nancy McDonough
Jane McMullin
Ellison Poe
Nancy Phillips
Allison Pickell
Elise Siegler
Janis Thibault
Gladys Whitney

Emerita Association Members:
Sue Campbell
Frances Cranford
Tricia Cromwell
Trudie Cromwell
Marjem Gill
Mary Hodges
Mary Sue Jacobs
Sheila Mehaffy
Robin Orsi
Martha Sowell
Betty Terry
Kathy Worthen