Recognizing Mount Holly’s Veterans

Veterans of every American conflict since the Revolution can be found at Mount Holly Cemetery.

Symbols of the Civil War (Union side), War of 1812, and Revolutionary War mark the graves of all of the people buried at Mount Holly known to have served in them.  Efforts are underway to mark all veterans’ graves with an appropriate symbol to signify their service. Current efforts are focused on the veterans of various Indian wars.

All veterans’ graves can be marked with a bronze flag holder that recognizes the war in which they served. The $100 fee covers the marker, stake and permanent installation in concrete.

If you are aware of a veteran of any American war whose grave at Mount Holly does not currently recognize his service, please contact us at

Families who wish to order the Southern Cross of Honor for their Mount Holly ancestors who fought for the Confederate States of America should contact us at The price is $50.00 for the cross plus a small donation to Mount Holly to cover installation cost.